Our Campus

ASA’s teaching and learning premises include classrooms, space for students to interact and a kitchen for students and a range of furniture and technology to support student learning and interaction. ASA has a dedicated reception area for all visitors and students and a common area for students to work collegially. We currently have 100+ students on our campus every week.

Secure access to information and communication technology infrastructure includes student email, the learning management system and wireless access, in addition to support and training for students and staff. The physical environment including kitchen and student work tables and seating in several break out spaces supports interaction between students outside of formal classes.

The Learning Management System actively supports and encourages interaction between students within cohorts and units of study plus student-only on-line space.

ASA is intent on providing an excellent physical and virtual learning environment. ASA is fully committed to adequately maintaining the facilities and learning resources whilst also ensuring those facilities and resources are safe, regularly reviewed and improved as required.

Library learning resources are central to the learning environment and increasing allocations for library and learning resources are an important component of our forward planning.

There is English language support available to students of up to one hour per week and learning support assistance available for all students at 20 minutes per session. An initial needs analysis to be conducted at orientations will also inform ASA’s provision for equity and diversity.

The needs analysis and ongoing monitoring described above will support wellbeing and safety by ensuring the nature and extent of support services are informed by the identified needs of students. The Teaching and Learning Plan has a number of objectives and measured outcomes designed to ensure students’ needs are monitored and acted upon for the benefit of students.

STUDENT SUPPORT, WELLBEING, AND HEALTH POLICY AND PROCEDURE supports the promotion and fostering of a safe environment at ASA. In conjunction with this policy, the Student Handbook, staffing profile and Orientation Program sessions are there to ensure students are aware of and receive, timely and accurate advice about access to personal and support services and the actions students may take if they feel the need for support.

We hope you find the campus and services provided work for you and assist you in your enjoyment and learning while studying with ASA.

Download the Student Handbook

ASA Institute of Higher Education offers the following support services to students:

  1. Orientation –When you arrive, we will give you a thorough orientation to help you understand the School and life in Australia.
  2. Academic support –We want our students to make the best progress they can. Academic staff will be available for student consultation each week during study periods. Consultation times will be introduced during orientation and displayed on student noticeboards. You may also be referred to an Academic Skills session if required by the Academic Dean. We will give you advice if you are finding your studies more difficult than you expected, or if you are not making the progress as quickly as you would like.
Campus life

ASA Institute of Higher Education computer facilities include the latest technology and software, with sufficient terminals to cater to student needs. WiFi is provided throughout ASA so that students can access the internet from anywhere with their laptops and handheld devices. Every Quarter, each student is given unlimited free data allowance for internet usage.

ASA Institute of Higher Education is committed to delivering high-quality services that support students throughout their training and assessment. This commitment is based on a student-focused operation where The Australian School of Accounting prioritises the support and welfare of students from both an academic and non-academic perspective.

ASA Institute of Higher Education believes a successful student needs to have a healthy life outside of school in order to succeed while you are in school. If you have any issues feel free to talk with student services so we can refer you to the people for help.

There are lots of opportunities for work and and we are here to assist you to identify them. Our career advisors will be available to provide you with personal assistance and guidance to leverage opportunities along the way.

Australia is generally a very safe and welcoming place to live and study, consistently ranking among the safest countries in the world.

But it is still important to look after yourself and be aware of the risks that exist – and ways to minimise them. This is particularly important when you first arrive and are adjusting to your new way of life.

Following your common sense and best practices will ensure you remain safe and healthy, whether you are handling emergencies, personal and home safety, or natural elements such as sun, water, and fire.

ASA Institute of Higher Education is not able to provide any legal advice to students, but we can refer you to a place that can help.

The Redfern Legal Centre contains the International Student Legal Service NSW which provides free, confidential legal advice to international students living in NSW. Visit https://rlc.org.au/our-services/international-students for more information or call 02 9698 7277.

ASA Institute of Higher Education recognises that opportunities for improvement arise in every aspect of the business and has developed an organisational culture within ASA capitalise on these opportunities for improved practice.

Student feedback is critical to our continuous improvement policy. ASA supplies feedback forms to all students at several points during each program, as participant feedback has been identified as an important and valuable factor in monitoring and developing business practices and quality training, ensuring the ever-changing needs and expectations of clients are being met.

The Principal also welcomes feedback from other improvement opportunities such as risk assessment, student suggestions, complaints and appeals, validation sessions and audit reports. Along with these formal feedback methods, students are encouraged to give feedback throughout their enrolment. Feedback from overseas students on their satisfaction with services is highly valued as ASA strives to successfully meet your unique needs and aspirations.

As an International Student, it is a condition of your student visa that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your stay in Australia. OSHC gives you access to out of hospital and in-hospital medical services to help you maintain your health. OSHC will also pay limited benefits for pharmaceuticals and ambulance services.

Currently, five Australian health funds provide OSHC policies for overseas students:

  • Australian Health Management
  • People care Health Limited
  • BUPA Australia
  • Medibank Private
  • nib Health Funds Limited
  • Details and costs of policies, including what an OSHC policy will and won’t cover, and any waiting periods that may apply to certain treatment types, can be obtained by contacting each insurer directly.

Seeing a doctor
Depending on where you live there are most likely medical practices that are close by and you should be able to locate and often make appointments online. The Australian School of Accounting can recommend the closest and reliable doctor if you are not sure.