Student Participation

Welcome to the Australian School of Accounting (ASA)

As a student at ASA, you can participate in a range of decision-making opportunities to assist and direct you and your fellow students through the course of studies. Further information can be obtained from your Course Coordinator, Academic Dean or Study Support Officer. If you are elected student representative on the Student Representative Committee (see ASA’s Governance Charter and section relating to the Student Representative Committee) you can play an active role in the direction and nature of ASA, from the students’ point of view over matters relating to your environment, administrative and academic matters Refer to the Student Handbook for further information. As an elected student member to the Academic Board, you can contribute to a range of items at ASA including course design and the quality of the teaching and learning environments. To ensure that the feedback to and fro is timely to all concerned.

A member of the Student Representative Committee attends ASA’s Academic Board’s meetings, enabling you to contribute to the quality of education and the learning environment offered by ASA and to assist in maintaining a culture consistent with ASA’s strategic objectives. Please refer to ASA’s Governance Charter which is available under Policies and Forms (tab) for further information.

As a student at ASA, you are encouraged to participate and be active in decision-making by providing feedback either through formal feedback mechanisms or through informal mechanisms whether it be the environment, administrative and academic matters. All staff is here to encourage you to take part in peer-assisted learning opportunities and to engage in a culture of learning amongst your colleagues at ASA. One opportunity for direct feedback and participation will be weekly ‘Help me to help you’ sessions hosted by the CEO / Principal, where you will have an opportunity to share your concerns and seek answers to any questions you have. Students will be advised of the details of these sessions during Orientation.