Education Agents

Why Use an Education Agent?

An educational agent can assist students in identifying an appropriate course of study, and they can liaise directly with education providers like the ASA to help with the application and visa processes.

Some agents provide advice on career, taxation and counselling services as well.

About our Approved Education Agents

At ASA Institute of Higher Education, we work closely with our Agents and make sure that they provide a proper service to our students. Agents play an important role in the provision of Higher Education to International Students in Australia.

Agents assist the School to recruit students, they help the students to apply for their visas, and they information students of their legal and other requirements. ASA works with its agents to ensure that their service is of a high quality and ethical.


  1. Only engages education agents who act in the best interests of the student at all times, and who have an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding of the Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics (ACE);
  2. Only engages education agents who act honestly and in good faith;
  3. Will not knowingly accept overseas students from an education agent if that education agent is engaging in unethical recruitment practices; and complies with the principles and requirements of the National Code.
  4. To make sure that it meets these goals, the School adheres to the ASA Agent Engagement and Monitoring Policy.
List of ASA Representative Agents