Course Delivery

The primary mode of delivery is face-to-face and at the same time online for each unit, in the following manner:

  • Lecture – 1 hour per week per unit
  • Workshop/tutorial – 3 hours per week per unit
  • Online questions and answers (ASA Cafe) – 1 hour per week per unit
  • Online materials are used wherever possible to supplement class-based learning and to maximise opportunities for students to engage in formative assessments, forums, group activities and case study analyse

If there are less than ten (10) students enrolled in a unit, the following will apply:

  • Lecture – 1 hour per week per unit
  • Workshop – 1 x 1.5 hours per week per unit

Quadmester Timetable

Session Timetable



Weeks 1-10 1-8 Class Contact
9 Revision
10 Exam
Weeks 11-12 11 Marking
12 Finalisation of Grades


Start Dates

Duration (Weeks)

1 February 12
2 April 12
3 July 12
4 October 12
BREAK December -January 4

A quadmester is an academic term of about 12 weeks as illustrated above. Benefit to a student is they only have two units per quadmester in normal mode and three units, if undertaking fast track mode and finish the course earlier.