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Assumption that students studying this award would do so in full time delivery mode of two (2) years.

First quadmester

Second quadmester

BIT100 Introduction to Programming BUS101 Quantitative Methods
BUS100 Business Communication Elective

Third quadmester

Fourth quadmester

MGT100 Organisational Behaviour BIS100 Introduction to Business Information Systems
Elective LAW100 Business Law

Fifth quadmester

Sixth quadmester

BUS202 Driving Value through Innovation

 Prerequisite BUS100 Business Communication

BIT201 Database Fundamentals

BUS101 Quantitative Methods

BUS200 Strategic Leadership

Prerequisite BUS100 Business Communication

MGT200 Fundamentals of Business Analytics

Prerequisites BIS100 Intro to Bus Inform Syst/BUS101 Quant Methods

Seventh quadmester

Eighth quadmester

MGT201 Business Logistics Management

Prerequisites BIS100 Intro to Bus Inform Syst

BUS201 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Elective Elective