Academic Support

ASA is committed to ensuring that students are appropriately supported to complete their studies and to reaching their academic goals. For detailed information in support services available to students refer to ASA’s Student Support Framework and Student Support, Wellbeing, and Health Policy and Procedure under Policies and Forms.
ASA’s Academic Support services includes Orientation, Peer Mentoring, Study Skills Workshops, Academic Advising, English Language Support and Academic Integrity.

Learning and study skills


ASA’s thorough and tailored Orientation includes important academic support information to assist students with their studies at ASA. Orientation includes insightful presentations from our esteemed faculty across diverse departments. These presentations aren’t just about facilities and procedures; they are a gateway to understanding the ethos of ASA and what’s expected throughout the academic journey. Important Orientation and other Key Dates for ASA are located under Future Students and Student Portal.

Accessible Learning Resources

ASA provides students with the access to a variety of learning resources, including textbooks, online materials, and interactive tools. At Orientation students will receive appropriate authentication and onboarding to the Learning Management System (Canvas) and other systems and be provided with safe and appropriate use of these systems.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Students are required to bring their own device, which allows them to use their personal laptop or device to access a broad range of course related applications to learn in the classroom, from home or any other location with an internet connection. Almost any desktop or laptop can be used as a BYOD to access ASA’s learning platforms including Canvas. We recommend the use of a laptop for learning at ASA. Students who do not have access to a laptop or other device, can borrow a laptop for the time of the class then return before leaving the campus.

Academic Integrity

Students at ASA complete ASA’s Academic Integrity Module at the beginning of their studies that is accessed through Canvas and is referred to during the Orientation Program. Students will be expected to complete this module within the first month of their studies.

Academic Advising

Academic staff are available for student consultation each week during study periods. Staff will provide advice to students if they are finding their studies more difficult than expected, or if they are not making the progress as quickly as they would like. Academic staff also provide one-on-one sessions of academic coaching to address individual learning needs.

Peer Mentoring

ASA has a peer mentoring program where students who have performed highly in a particular unit can mentor students who require additional support.

Study Skills Workshop

At ASA we want our students to make the best progress they can. Regular workshops are conducted to help students develop effective study skills, time management, and assessment strategies.

English Language Support

Students having English language difficulties can make an appointment for an English language support session. It is recorded in every unit statement that for those students requiring additional English language support, at least one hour per student per week is allocated. Appointments can be made for either a group session or an individual session.

Important Academic Support Contacts

If you require academic support, please contact your Academic Lecturer or ASA’s Course Coordinator.
If you need assistance accessing any learning resources, please contact