• Designation: Board Member
  • Company: Australian School of Accounting

Team Information

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma B.Com ( UTS), GradCert in Law and Practice (ANU), Justice of the Peace

A graduate of UTS and ANU, Sanjeev has been significantly involved in promoting Australian education in many unchartered territories worldwide for more than 20 years. His sincere dedication and contribution to the Australian education sector have won him many awards and recognitions. The past decade has seen his growing involvement in research and development projects in international education. Furthermore, he has initiated and involved in a number of projects around many parts of the globe including not- for-profit initiatives.

With extensive business development experience and proven records in leading successful teams, Sanjeev is seen as a strong proponent of capacity building and educating that imparts tangible career outcome.  As a strong advocate of ‘Education for life’ and passion for the education industry, he has been a key member of the ASA Board. Sanjeev shares ethics, integrity, professionalism and quality are the key principles in the education industry.