Director Learning and Innovation

  • Location close to rail station, Sydney CBD.
  • Full Time
  • Developing organization on a growth campaign

** Candidates must have an ongoing and unrestricted right to work in Australia to apply for this position.

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As an integral member of the ASA Senior Management Leadership team and a critical enterprise role, this role is accountable for the leadership, organisation, development, implementation, and regulatory compliance for all new education/business development programs.  This position is responsible for new curriculum design and development in alignment with ASA’s strategic vision.  Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer you will contribute significantly to the overall direction of ASA.

Working under limited direction with a degree of autonomy, the Director Learning and Innovation will provide expertise in contemporary educational approaches to tertiary education and innovative learning practices enabling you to lead by example and build strong relationships with staff, students and industry stakeholders.

This role works closely with the ASA Senior Management Leadership team (comprising Dean, Director Quality and Compliance, Director Student Experience, and Head of Student Recruitment) to ensure the new offerings are future focused, industry face and compliant with the relevant regulatory authorities. Additionally, this role will be critical in building on our wellbeing culture across ASA with a focus on improving wellbeing practices and programs and continuing to promote a safe, caring and supportive environment for our students.

Working with the Director Student Experience, this role will provide additional support to students through the means of specialist workshops/classes as identified through the development, monitoring and management of academic learning resources and the delivery of learning support for students across all courses at ASA.

Strategy and Planning

  • Contribute to the development of ASA’s strategy and academic direction.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to anticipate emerging issues and trends, and drive service delivery and outcomes.
  • Ensure policies and procedures align with ASA objectives, plans, and regulatory requirements.
  • In conjunction with the Director Student Experience develop a learning support plan to ensure students are provided with support and care to enable them to achieve successful learning outcomes.

Educational Leadership and Vision

  • Provide inspiring leadership and promote ASA’s educational programs.
  • Provide advice to Senior Management Leadership team with business/data analytics interrogation on student data with a view to improving student outcomes.
  • Demonstrate leadership in student support.

Curriculum Development and Compliance

  • Maintain currency of research into international, national and state-based curriculum and best practice pedagogy.
  • Determine market capacity for new courses and business opportunities.
  • Create new courses that support continuous improvement in curriculum design, de3livery, assessment and ongoing feedback leading to high quality outcomes for all students.

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Build positive relationships with academic leaders, teachers, and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative and cooperative work environment focused on continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Contribute to workforce planning and talent management initiatives.
  • Engage with diverse stakeholders, building and leveraging relationships to achieve ASA outcomes.
  • Foster constructive and effective working relationships in internal governance risk management matters.


  • Provide recommendations and solutions to the CEO, Dean and Academic Board regarding continuous improvement processes, curriculum design and development, best practice methodologies for higher education using reports, data sets, analysis, surveys, course development, professional development initiatives and discussion papers.

Innovative Integration of Technology

  • Provide advice and guidance to the CEO and Dean in leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, improve student outcomes and foster creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Student-Centered Approach

  • Manage the learning support and well-being strategies for students.
  • Ensure frequent and effective communication with students in relation to their wellbeing.
  • Ensure accurate recording, secure access and appropriate sharing of information pertaining to individual student wellbeing is maintained.
  • Liaise with external agencies to support students where necessary.


  • Relevant tertiary qualifications in Education, post graduate qualifications and/or leadership experience.

Essential experience and skills

  • Extensive experience in a management role within a tertiary education environment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary learning and teaching practices.
  • Proven experience in the design, development, implementation, and review of curriculum in a higher education context.
  • Strong understanding of assessment and reporting procedures.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build effective relationships with stakeholders.
  • Proven project and staff management skills, with an ability to set objectives and meet curriculum milestones within an agreed timeframe.
  • Extensive and recent experience in a project management/senior management/academic role within a tertiary education environment responsible for major curriculum development and review projects.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of curriculum standards across regulatory bodies (eg TEQSA).
  • Demonstrated knowledge on requirements and resources needed to create a high-quality learning experience for tertiary students.
  • Strong understanding of the ever-changing education industry and the strategic focus within businesses.
  • Demonstrated willingness to embrace organizational change including use of modern technology and an ability to analyse and problem solve in the context of change and continuous improvement.
  • Experience in supporting and mentoring staff in the effective implementation of pastoral care, wellbeing programs and behaviour management.
  • Experience in preparing business reports including analysis of data.


  • Experience undertaking a large-scale curriculum review and development project in tertiary education, specifically for the business, information technology and accounting areas.
  • Highly developed digital literacy skills and extensive experience in using a Learning Management System.
  • Experience with academic success teams supporting students, health and wellbeing and SASH (Student Assault and Student Harassment)
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  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE 25 AUGUST 2023, unless filled prior to this date.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the short turnaround time and the anticipated number of applications, only those shortlisted will be contacted.


  • A brief cover letter that demonstrates your understanding of, and capacity to undertake the role.
  • Your CV, including two referees that can comment on your professional experience.

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Director Quality and Compliance

  • Location close to rail station, Sydney CBD.
  • Full Time
  • Developing organization on a growth campaign

** Candidates must have an ongoing and unrestricted right to work in Australia to apply for this position.

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As an integral member of the ASA Leadership team and a critical enterprise role, this role is accountable for leading non-financial registration and accreditation with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and legislative requirements. The Director Quality and Compliance will provide advice and support services to facilitate compliance activities against the Higher Education Standards Framework 2021 (HESF) and the ESOS National Code.

Working under limited direction with a degree of autonomy, the Director Quality and Compliance proactively monitors and asses the organisation’s compliance with the TEQSA Standards (HESF), ESOS Act and the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). This role also provides leadership within the organisation’s community in the provision of technical advice and expertise in relation to compliance with the TEQSA Standards, policy development and the establishment of best practice in relation to compliance and regulatory obligations to learning and teaching and student services.

The Compliance department is responsible for the maintenance and oversight of policies within the organisation. This position will oversee and manage internal quality audits, corporate and academic governance processes, continuous improvement of the policy framework, strategic planning, risk management planning and external reporting to regulatory bodies and overall compliance with the regulatory Framework within which the organization operates.

Risk and Compliance

  • Manage the implementation of the quality risk management framework.
  • Responsibility for risk assessment, audit review, monitoring and managing quality compliance within the organisation.
  • Provide advice, guidance and support to the organization with regards to compliance.
  • Monitor and evaluate internal compliance controls, proactively identifying areas for improvement and implement effective risk mitigation measures.
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders and business units to foster a team-based approach and risk-aware culture.
  • Manage ASA Risk Register.
  • Monitor Third Party Agreements and provide regular updates to Academic Board.

Quality Assurance

  • Develop and monitor the implementation of quality assurance practices that focus on maintaining academic standards and providing high quality educational experiences.
  • Oversee/conduct internal audits as per the compliance calendar or as determined by the CEO or Audit & Risk Committee.
  • Monitor, track and report on strategies that support quality assurance and continuous improvements, such as benchmarking, policy and process reviews, and governance decisions to ensure achievement of management actions by agreed delivery dates.
  • Manage and lead managers to maintain compliance with the regulatory framework, including requirements established through the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code 2018), Higher Education Threshold Standards 2017, the Higher Education Support Act (2018) (if relevant) and state-based legislation governing higher education providers.
  • Consult with the Board, and CEO to determine proactive Assurance focus areas and associated internal audit program of work, partnering with regulatory audit bodies.


  • Identify the lack of and/or improvements to policy and process, assess effectiveness of current policies and processes and recommend and direct required changes.
  • Revise, provide high-level advice, and develop policies and processes as required to support ongoing compliance and quality assurance practices.

Continuous Improvement

  • Acquire, apply, and maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of precedents, relevant legislation, Standards (such as HESF, ESOS, TEQSA), quality assurance procedures, reporting requirements, best practice regulatory models, policy, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Provide day to day operational compliance guidance and training to staff members, fostering a culture of compliance awareness and understanding.
  • Conducting periodic internal audits and supporting external audits.


  • Compile, review and prepare data as a basis for monitoring program performance, assessing academic risks and analysing overall performance internally and externally.
  • Manage, analyse, report on, and ensure compliance of the organisation’s practices with legislative and regulatory obligations (such as HESF, ESOS, TEQSA), and provide advice and recommendations when government legislation and regulatory requirements are revised.
  • Undertake directed investigations of quality and risk related issues and drafting reports for Board and audits.
  • Manage, report, and facilitate external corporate and academic governance reviews.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Participate in committees and meetings with responsibilities and oversight of matters relating to Quality Management, Governance, Compliance and Risk.
  • Foster positive relationships with regulatory agencies and other external stakeholders to strengthen partnerships and collaborations.
  • Coordinate and manage the organisation’s submissions and communications for TEQSA registrations, accreditation and re-accreditation of programs, and CRICOS registrations in line with government regulatory requirements and Institute policy.
  • Contribute to strategic and operational planning as part of the executive and manage reporting of Institute outcomes against objectives.
  • Assist with Agent reviews, monitoring and reporting.


  • Completion of a tertiary qualification and relevant quality and compliance management experience in a Higher Education environment.  

Essential experience and skills

  • Demonstrated understanding of, and experience in working with, the Higher Education sector regulatory framework.  
  • Excellent written communication skills with a demonstrated ability to prepare written material such as Higher Education accreditation reports and governance committee minutes.  
  • High level oral communication skills, including the ability to deliver management briefings and consult with staff at all levels of the organisation.  
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret complex information and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Demonstrated experience in monitoring strategic and operational business plans. 
  • Demonstrated experience in continuous improvement of processes and procedures across organisational boundaries, and monitoring outcomes of identified opportunities for improvement.  
  • Demonstrated computer literacy, including strong skills in Microsoft Office suite packages.  
  • Demonstrated experience in preparing and conducting internal quality and/or compliance audits in a Higher Education environment. 
  • Demonstrated experience in preparing and participating in external Higher Education regulatory audits. 
  • Collaborative mindset with a proven ability to build positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders. 


  • Experience in working in a private Higher Education institute. 
  • Working knowledge of auditing principles and proficiency in using MS Office Suite and compliance management software. 
  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE 18 AUGUST 2023, unless filled prior to this date. 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the short turnaround time and the anticipated number of applications, only those shortlisted will be contacted. 

If you have enquiries regarding the details of this role, please email 

Applications now closed